#9: Trust endangered


9. Trust Endangered 

Trust and confidence in American institutions is at an all-time low. Organized religion? Not a prayer. Public schools? We don’t need no education. Congress? Vote me off the island. Banks? Two words: taxpayer bailout.

And media? Not only are media entities one of the least trusted institutions in America, with the 2016 election, it’s gotten so bad that for some, the term itself is a four-letter word, a highly derogatory epithet to be hurled at those you disagree with during fits of partisan rancor. At Blue Engine we are highly disturbed by this development and believe it needs to be stopped before it, too, becomes a trend.

But all of this leaves PR professionals with an interesting quandary. How do you effectively communicate your clients’ ideas and viewpoints through a medium that is among the least trusted of all institutions in recent memory?

It’s simple. You diversify. About two-thirds (63%) of Americans say family and friends are an important way they get their news. People are increasingly turning inward for information. And it’s up to us to go where they are.

Here at Blue Engine, we’re already doing this through cutting-edge digital tactics that allow us to micro-target our audiences through social channels like Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter. As the country continues this trend toward polarization – of only wanting to hear information they already agree with from people they personally know – changing behavior, and minds, will become increasingly challenging, making this kind of validator deployment even more critical.

In the age of trust no one, all signs point to trusted sources only.

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