Lydia Polgreen Named Next Huffington Post Editor-in-Chief


The Huffington Post has named Lydia Polgreen its new editor-in-chief. Polgreen replaces co-founder and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington, joining Huffington Post following almost 15 years at the New York Times where she last served as associate masthead editor. As she becomes Huffington Post’s second editor-in-chief, Polgreen will have the difficult task of replacing the paper’s namesake in a time of political transition, both for the country and the outlet itself. Huffington left the company in August to launch her latest project, Thrive Global. 
In an interview with her new outlet, Polgreen said of the challenge: “I feel like we’re living in a moment right now where media has to fundamentally rethink its position vis-a-vis power.” In addition, Polgreen brings substantial international experience, having served in roles as bureau chief in Africa and South Asia for the Times.