Kelly Royal

Of Counsel

Kelly’s work has revolved around a singular objective: helping clients define — and successfully execute — corporate reputation strategies that positively differentiate both principals and the organizations they lead in competitive market landscapes.

Over her career, she’s collaborated with CEOs and visionary thinkers to pen and promote keynote speeches, thought-leadership platforms, and best-selling books; developed proactive stakeholder engagement plans that materially facilitate desirable business outcomes; honed tactful messaging campaigns that deftly position industry-defining companies in complex issue environments and through moments of intense public scrutiny.

Prior to joining the Seven Letter roster as a Senior Counselor, Kelly was a partner at Story Line Strategies (previously, Luntz Global Partners) before being tapped to launch Morning Consult’s inaugural Corporate Reputation practice. There, her work centered on designing right-fit insights programs that leverage advanced analytics to map organizations’ reputational strengths, vulnerabilities, and targetable white space, before advising C-Suite offices with actionable recommendations for effectively navigating those illuminated challenges and opportunities.

Kelly attended Boston College and received additional training at Columbia University Business School. Recently, she and her family traded their east coast roots for a west coast stint that’s increasingly looking to prove more than temporary.

Kelly’s background unites communications and market research skillsets to offer a unique expertise in driving evidence-driven approaches to corporate reputation positioning, risk-management, and measurement.