Erik Smith on Why Fallon’s Tonight Show May Help Candidates Break Through


Ever wonder why politicians always make their way to the couches of late-night TV? Other than the wide at-home and online audience, the relatively informal setting of late-night highlights another side of candidates and other public figures. Blue Engine founder Erik Smith weighed in on this topic recently in a new piece in POLITICO looking at Jimmy Fallon’s rise to the Tonight Show desk and whether politicians will miss the more traditional Jay Leno. Smith argues the different approach taken by Fallon – less politics, more letting loose – not only makes content more likely to go viral across the internet, it “will be a lot more helpful, because you’re actually showing a side of a politician most people can’t see.” Smith goes on to point to President Obama’s appearance “slow-jamming” the news with Jimmy Fallon, saying that “he got his message across. That was more effective than going on a talk show.” For more on this, read the full article here.