Keeping Track Following the public policy media

Major maneuvers as Fortune and the Financial Times court seasoned writers into their leadership ranks. Fortune recruits Pew Research President Alan Murray to be its new editor and the FT promotes Megan Murphy to be D.C. Bureau Chief. More »

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In Case You Missed It Trends in public affairs and strategic communications

How Pop Culture Has Skewed Women's Role in Public Relations

Do women get the respect they really deserve in the world of public relations? New York Magazine’s The Cut takes a look at how pop culture has affected the way women are portrayed in the PR industry. Posted by Chasity Cooper @chasityscooper. More »

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When the World Cup and Crisis Communications Collide

How organizations respond to major crises defines their future. In US News and World Report, Blue Engine’s David Di Martino sinks his teeth into how Italy vs Uruguay became another crisis communications moment for FIFA. By @awestabrams & @ddimartino1 More »

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Blue Engine Message & Media

Social Media: Sometimes You Just Need to Answer the Phone

Every minute, 3.1 million people “like” something on Facebook and 750,000 images are uploaded, yet corporations face an online trust gap. Posted by Price Floyd @pricefloyd. More »

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ICYMI – For Best Results, Don’t Say ICYMI on Twitter

Think you know what works on Twitter? Want to increase interaction? Google and Cornell University crunched the numbers for keeping your Twitter account fresh and engaging. Spoiler Alert: Don't use ICYMI! Posted by Kara Ferguson @karatferguson. More »

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In Twitter Age, Headlines Trump Content for ‘Knowledge’

In today’s world of sound bites, trending tweets and viral everything, faking cultural literacy is all the rage. In fact, sometimes the headline may be all that matters. Don’t let your message get lost in the noise. Posted by Amber McDowell, @amcdowell1. More »

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