Your Questions About Threads Answered


Yesterday, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, launched a new social media app called Threads that seeks to rival Twitter. Interest in the platform has exploded, and this memo from Seven Letter Partner Nu Wexler, who previously worked for both Facebook and Twitter, provides answers to the questions that many are asking. While the staying power of the platform can’t be known, Seven Letter is recommending that clients secure an account on the platform. We will continue to provide counsel on how best to reach this audience, and we are always available to answer any additional questions that our clients may have.

But for now, you can find us there at @SevenLetterPR.

Q: What is Threads?
A: Threads is a new social app from Meta, linked to Instagram accounts. It’s text-first, but allows users to share links, photos, and videos as well.

Q: So Threads is Meta’s version of Twitter, right?
A: Yes and no. Meta execs have been careful to differentiate the two apps, but their architecture is almost identical. In addition to the differences listed below, expect Threads to be a carefully curated, algorithmic, visual version of Twitter. Based on Meta’s recent history, that would mean less politics and breaking news, more celebrities and personal contacts.

Q: How is Threads different from Twitter?
A: There are several key differences at launch, which may evolve as Threads continues to grow: (1) Full algorithmic timeline with no “People I Follow” option, (2) No search, (3) No direct messaging.

Q: What can I post on Threads?
A: Thread posts can be up to 500 characters long and include links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes in length. Threads content is governed by Instagram’s Community Guidelines.

Q: Where is Threads available?
A: Per Meta, Threads is now available to download in over 100 countries including the US, but not yet in the EU because of regulatory concerns.

Q: Does Threads allow ads, promoted posts, or promoted accounts?
A: Not yet, but the head of Instagram has said ads are on the Threads product road map. When they launch, expect them to be available in Meta’s Ads Manager, which allows advertisers to create, test, and track ads across all of their platforms.

Q: Is there a web/desktop version of Threads?
A: You can view, like, and share posts on and a full web/desktop version is also on the Threads product road map. Facebook took three years (2012-15) to build a full desktop version of Instagram, but this launch will be much quicker.

Q: Does Threads have verified accounts?
A: Yes, though Threads verification is linked to Instagram verification. If your Instagram account is already verified, your new Threads account will automatically be verified. Instagram users can apply for verification here, or pay for verification here.

Q: Should my company or organization open a Threads account?
A: Yes. If you already have an Instagram account, it’s easy to open a Threads account and reserve the same username. The early response, 50 million accounts in 24 hours, is promising and Meta’s resources and massive social graph give Threads a longer runway that other new social apps.

Q: What should we do with our existing social media accounts, like Twitter?
A: For now, it’s best to wait and see whether Threads takes off and a distinct Threads “voice” emerges. It’s very possible that Meta will shape Threads into a quieter, stylized platform, leaving Twitter as its more unfiltered, raucous counterpart. Until then, cross posting to both apps is the safest option.